What the First Birthday Party Looks Like for Each Child

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The first birthday is a big deal, but not for your baby. While they were pooping their pants and drooling on themselves, you managed to make sure they stayed alive. High-five for mom and dad, it’s time to party! Depending on whether it’s you’re first baby, your second, your third or more, that first birthday can look wildly different.

baby's first birthdayFirst Baby

Odds are that you had your first child’s birthday party planned before they were even born. You bought cute matching paper plates, cups and napkins. You dedicated an entire Pinterest board to first cakes and then commissioned the wildly expensive baker in your town to create a monument to your first born 6 months before their birthday. You’ve even bought a high chair banner on Etsy for $25 (plus shipping), knowing that it would probably get ruined.

To make sure that everyone knows how special this party is going to be, you had professional photos done 2 months before the party so you could make up custom invitations. You mailed one to everyone you’ve ever met, including the man in the hospital that happened to walk down the hallway while you were in labor and gave your husband directions to the vending machine. In a moment of brilliance, you decide to book the photographer for the party as well, so they can capture every moment of the spectacular event that is sure to unfold.

When the big day finally comes, the guests arrive to find a giant bouncy castle in the yard and a catered spread in the house. Nobody questions why you would have a bounce castle when your baby is barely walking or why the food is so fancy. They pile gifts on the table and chat politely with plates of tiny finger foods.

The gifts your baby receives are completely impractical, though he really enjoys the ribbons. After the party, you promptly send customized thank-you cards with professionally done photos of your little one digging into their birthday cake.


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