Six Annoying Toddler Habits You’ll Miss Later

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When your kids are young, it’s easy to get irritated by everyday battles. Whenever a stranger in the grocery store sees your child throwing a tantrum over a box of Cheeze-Its and they murmur something about “missing those days”, you probably think they’re nuts, but the truth is that you’ll probably miss your toddler’s annoying little habits once they’ve grown up and moved on. Here are 6 annoying things your toddler does every day that you’ll miss once they get older.

1.) Having an audience when you pee. Every mother has been graced with an audience while she does her duty in the toilet. Some have nursed while they pee, many have fielded questions on topics ranging from outer space to cartoons and countless others have dressed barbie dolls or teddy bears while trying to take care of necessities. It’s hard to believe, but multi-tasking on the toilet while your toddler watches will be something you actually miss doing because it means that you are no longer the center of your child’s universe.

2.) Having a bedtime buddy. At some point in time, your child has likely wound up in your bed. Maybe they had a bad dream, maybe they were cold, maybe they just wanted 5 extra minutes with mom and dad at the end of the day. Whatever the reason is, at some point you’ve probably had your toddler in your bed with you. When your child outgrows the need for physical contact and comfort, you’ll find you miss waking up with their small, warm little self snuggled into your arms.


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