Man Uses Facebook to Father 10 Babies with 9 Women

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Social media is a scary and wonderful place. You can connect with old friends, get your very own stalker or even have a baby with a complete stranger. You read that right, it turns out that Facebook is the ideal place for men like Kenzie Kilpatrick to find women that just can’t get enough of his (free) baby juice.

To be clear, Kenzie Kilpatrick is a 26-year-old openly gay man in England that is donating his sperm to couples or individuals that want to have a family, but can’t for one reason or another. He claims his donations stem from his burning desire to help people. He got the idea for his rather unusual hobby after seeing an ad posted for sperm donors seeking money in exchange for a cup of genetic material.

To date, Kilpatrick has helped 9 women start their families. Those 9 women have had a total of 10 babies. He connects with the women through his Facebook page, “Drama Free UK Sperm Donors”. Potential moms started contacting him almost immediately after starting the page. He says he is open to all types of potential moms including gay couples, straight couples and single mothers.


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