Keeping A Breast Ahead by Bottle Feeding

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First, let me say those who know me know I am very, very pro breastfeeding. For me, it was the right choice, the only choice I felt was possible for my baby. Now, let me say I am also so envious of the mothers who choose to bottle feed their babies. There, I admitted it.

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Christi Kopp

I am a stay at home married mom of 6. I have 4 girls and 2 boys. My oldest is 10 and the youngest is 2. I also home school this big crew so it is always crazy around here but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. I ate and continue to eat whatever I want- coffee, tons of different nuts, dairy, broccoli, cabbage whatever. .my baby is 5 months and eating everything and so far so good 🙂 and he doesn’t spit up

  2. Love the way this is written! I tried breastfeeding and it didn’t work out I plan to try again the next time I have a child but for now formula feeding is what works best for us. I am not against breastfeeding or even public breastfeeding it just didn’t work out for me personally and like she said as long as babies are fed it shouldn’t matter what container it comes from

  3. I’ve been judged for breastfeedi ng my son exclusively for a yr but my main reason is, why pay for somethings that’s so expensive when it comes naturally. I know some women physically cannot nurse and it’s a actual medical thing but if u can then why not. It’s natural.

  4. I had to switch to bottle feeding because I had too many issues with breastfeeding, but I wanted to breastfeed because it’s one less thing to pay for. Besides that there’s less dirty dishes, lol.

  5. I solely breastfeed myself. For me it doesn’t matter the time or if I have to get up early for work. That is an amazing bond I have with my son and si not regret it. He is almost 8 months and still refuses formula so his daily intake is solid foods with veggies, oatmeal or eggs in the am, some fruits that I steam and blend at home, afternoon $#%&!@*, dinner and then evening $#%&!@*. I have breastfed in public and don’t care what others think because my son comes first.

  6. These reasons were just selfish in my opinion. And while, yes, I agree that mommy’s (or any woman, for that matter) has a right to be selfish every now and then… Isn’t it a known fact that a baby’s needs and wants should come as top priority? I’m an exclusive breastfeeder, but not for a single second do I judge a bottle feeder. To each their own! I read this article thinking it was going to show REAL benefits, as in health related benefits to bottle feeding. Instead, I just read the most selfish-based opinions in my life. Mommy wants to eat and drink what she wants, sorry baby. Mommy wants to wear what she wants, sorry baby. Mommy is too embarr$#%&!@*ed to feed you by breast in public, even though that it literally what our breasts are for, sorry baby.

    Again, no judgement to bottle feeders…harsh judgement on this article though.

  7. Tried to breastfeed with my first and couldn’t go as long as I wanted to. Due in a few days with my next hopefully I can exclusively breastfeed because it is the best thing for my baby and my baby’s needs come first!! I could never formula feed right off the bat without feeling selfish. But that’s just me

  8. I wear whatever I want to because there’s always a way to pop a $#%&!@* out! Haha and I eat what I want to and always have! I find breastfeeding a lot more convenient and easier and healthier and that’s what stops me from switching to bottles. I co sleep and in the middle of the night noone gets woken up I just give him my breast in our sleep and I’m a stay at home mom but what ever works best for the mom and baby is what I support!

  9. I love the end of this article I tried so hard with both of my kids and wanted to Bf so bad and the milk just never came I thought this was gonna be a bashing article but it wasn’t!

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