Incredible Edibles For Comfort Of The Soul

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It's Fall, it's wet out, and it's in the 40's; not a good combination for when you lock yourself out of the car. Fortunately, it only happened less than a mile from our home. A quick call for getting picked up, a brief frustrated exchange, we arrived home cold and shivering. Wanting to give my honey a break, I cooked up a quick spinach omelet, some hot buttered toast and a mug of steaming tea. Comfort food to sooth and warm our souls; sometimes breakfast for dinner does a body good.

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 Incredible Edibles For Comfort Of The Soul

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  1. Another delicious way to have eggs is quiche – basically an egg pie. Get a pie crust (you can buy pre-made ones in the bakery aisle at your grocery store), beat a few eggs, chop up whatever fillings you’d like (cheese, veggies, etc – my favorite is diced green bell peppers), pour the eggs and fillings into the pie crust, and bake for 60 minutes at 350F. Easy, delicious, and healthy!!

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