Cutting the Practice of Cutting?

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It seems like these days as soon as someone hears you are having a boy the next question even before the name is whether or not you plan to circumcise. This hotly debated subject ranges in points of discussion from health benefits to the religious implications of the choice. These factors have led to a decided downturn in the number of parents opting for the procedure over the last 30 years.

In 1979 the circumcision rate was around 64.5% has shown a significant decrease over the years. [READ MORE…]

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Christi Kopp

I am a stay at home married mom of 6. I have 4 girls and 2 boys. My oldest is 10 and the youngest is 2. I also home school this big crew so it is always crazy around here but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Can’t argue with science. Lol. For the first couple days their brain starts to get used to telling the rest of the body what is going on outside the womb. That is why doctors can only do the quick 20-30 min surgery without giving them any anesthesia. After those few days, the doctors don’t do it because the baby’s brain is now able to link the needle inserting in the bottom of the foot to pain.

  2. Wow! Babies don’t feel pain like we do? Its a cosmetic surgery that no doctor had any practice in. They cut on a dotted line. Does it really make sense to put a wound in a dirty diaper? What if I rubbed $#%&!@* all over your wound after surgery. Tell me how it feels. The foreskin is there for a reason TO KEEP BACTERIA OUT. if it does become infected it’s because a moron retracted the foreskin. Which is a no no. It naturally retracts during $#%&!@*rty.
    I’m appalled at all these people cutting their babies and saying oh it was painless for them. You are 100% stupid. Do your research before you cut a persons skin off without their consent. Do you know how many nerves you just cut?

  3. Against. It shouldn’t be a parent’s decision. We don’t decide other cosmetic surgeries or procedures for our children and we don’t think that is acceptable. But for some reason we’re still normalizing cir$#%&!@*cision even though we know now that it has no medical benefits. Only as a solution to existing medical issues if they occur in adulthood. Please don’t mutilate your children’s genitals…

  4. Really? Babies feel pain as much as an adult that is a proven fact. There r many benefits to the foreskin. It’s just as clean and protects from bacteria. I had my first cut cuz I knew nothing about it. Just thought it was done. Iv had more issuse with him then my second son. After it was done a yr later I looked everything up and it’s unnessisary. My second son isn’t cut. Has had no problems at all. No uti’s or infections wat so ever. If u believe cutting protects from disease ur wrong. Only thing that helps is safe sex wen they r older. They have an equal percentage of disease whether ur cut or nt. U wouldn’t circumsis ur girl y should it b diffrent for our boys. Female circumsision didn’t become banned till 1996 in the US. Girls r 5x more likely to get infections and utis.

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