Anti C-Section Movement For Real?!!!

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Many women take the time to create a customized birth plan. These plans often include specific guidelines (like who may be present in the room and different birthing positions they want to try), medical conditions to keep in mind and some even include their favorite
calming music playlist. But despite the best planning and prepping, cesarean sections account for about 30 percent of nationwide births.

Earlier this month, an anti-cesarean post on the Facebook page of the Disciples of the New Dawn went viral and sparked a lot of controversy.  [READ MORE…]

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Jenna Faust

178 Comments to Anti C-Section Movement For Real?!!!

  1. amber bedgood

    Well listen here fools, had I not had a csection my daughter && I would have died!! I had to be induced due to complications from pre-eclampsia. My blood pressure was high the whole 17 hours I was in labor but in the last hour my daughters heart-rate started dropping with each contraction && then my blood pressure started going up even higher. My doctor && his amazing nurses done everything they could to help me have her natural because that wad my plan. I wanted to go all natural with no pain medicine!! I couldn’t even dilate past 3cm even after my water broke. She was born healthy && that’s all I cared about!! Having a csection was not my plan of course but I wanted my daughter to be safe so I set aside my selfishness of wanting a natural birth to make sure my daughter made it into this world. I’m not sure about you idiots but I’d rather put my childs life before mine!! She is now turning 8 this year && is the smartest child in her class. Being born by csection did not effect her ability to learn I assure you!! By the time she was 2 she knew all her abc’s, how to count to 10 (english && spanish), colors, shapes, && a lot of other things. I am proud of my scar!! Women who have natural births get off easier than the ones who have csections. How dare any of you judge us?? God has a plan for everyone. If he thought we got off easy he wouldn’t have invented csections to begin with!! I don’t care what you fools have to say. I know I done the right thing by agreeing to an emergency csection!! Screw what you idiots think. Your opinions are irrelevant!! Goodbye.


    • I totally agree with u amber bedgood i had two c sections due to complications i wouldn’t change any of it God bless u

  2. Some women don’t have a choice but to have a c section I know i didn’t I was in labor for 24 hours with my first daughter would not drop dilated or anything my blood pressure kept going up so i had to have a c section

  3. With my first I had gestational diabetes, which means they induce to ensure you have the baby by 39 weeks. I sat in the hospital for three days, after being induced twice. I was having normal contractions, but I never dilated. Finally, on the third day the doctor told me I would have to get a c-section. I considered it a blessing, because I was going through a labor for three days! They wouldn’t let me eat or drink anything but ice chips for those three days and I was just ready to be done with it.

  4. I’ve had two c-sections. No regrets. I carried both my babies to term, and I love them like any mother would. So to say we “caught a break” is a lie. I’m busy every single day caring and loving on them, this mom never gets a break.

  5. Initially it was believed I’d need a c-section. I had a procedure done on my cervix when I was 19 and there was a chance I wouldn’t dilate. I made it to 6cm and just stopped. 14 hrs later I was lucky enough to deliver vaginally, but if I hadn’t dilated a c-section would have been my only option.

  6. C-sections are there for a reason. I labored 16 hours pushed for 5, was forced into c-section as my baby was stuck in the c$#%&!@*. If it wasn’t for that he or both of us would have died. My son had a huge abraision and cut on his head from being racked across my pelvis for so long. Foolish people , life is what matters…. No one wakes up saying they want surgery, but in the end I’m blessed to have my son. People need a crash course in comp$#%&!@*ion for others.

  7. This had me laughing so hard at some people’s stupidity. No medical necessity? Really? So after 36 hours of hard back labor and many hours of pushing without fully dilating and a baby that started to be in distress, my c-section wasn’t a medical necessity?! The ignorance amuses me. Lol 4 c-sections now actually and every single one of my children has above average intelligence, but that c-section doomed them to failure. Its alright, there’s stupidity and ignorance everywhere you turn. Like my late husband always said, opinions are like $#%&!@*holes, everyone’s got one.

  8. So my mother-in-law should have died in child birth when she had my husband’s Siamese twin sisters? Then my husband would not be here. I dont think so. Just because you have to have a c-section don’t make you less of a woman. That sounds like male chauvinist talk to me.

  9. Women who have natural child birth get off easier? I don’t think I would go that far. All women work hard to get their babies here. I don’t think that’s fair either. No woman is superior based on how she delivered.

  10. My sister had 2 c-sections, and if she didn’t my nieceS wouldn’t be here. My mom also had one with my little brother, which also would have died if she didn’t have one.

  11. ^My mom had the same problem with my little brother. She got into a car accident 2 years before she had him and dislocated both hips. They never checked her hips ( her back hurt) and they pop out of place, never healing right

  12. I would like to meet the dum$#%&!@* who thought these up and see if he could handle half what I went threw, I went 14 hours of hard labor just to find out if I didn’t have an emergency c- section , I could lose my child or how my last csection ( I’ve had 3 ) I was cut hip to hip do they could raise my son out with no stain on his heart ( at 26 weeks) then get up the next day to see him in the Nicu! So before you put someone down who couldn’t have a natural child birth, get the facts y!

  13. This is insane, sometimes a c-section is the only way to deliver. I almost had a emergency c section cause baby was not getting enough oxygen. Cord was a rapped around his neck tightly. They used suction and nurses pushed him out by pressing and manipulating my belly. It was uncomfortable but they got him out. He did not breath for close to a minute. If I would have had to push him out without help they would have had to do c-section. If I’d been at home he maybe would not have been so fortunate God and nurses saved my baby. I never had a c-section, but I would if it was best for my baby.

    I think this is pure hate. It’s easy to judge someone, if have never gone through it. Not everyone can deliver vaginally for certain medical reasons. Birth is birth no matter how baby comes out. And mom should feel proud, no matter what. Those pics are just mean and cruel.

  14. This makes me so sad….I wanted a completely natural birth and ended up in labor for 3 days! After 48 hours I took an epidural and on the end of the third day I pushed for 3.5 hours and then 30 minutes using suction and still nothing happened…I had preeclampsia and started to convulse because my blood pressure was too high and my daughters heart rate started plummeting…I had a c-section to save our lives. I got to see my daughter and then I was shaking so badly they had to put me to sleep for 12 hours so I didn’t have a seizure…I was sad I couldn’t deliver vaginally, and I hope to try to vbac with any future children the lord blessed us with, but that c-section saved my life. I agree they are done far too often and for unjust reasons, and I think we should stop these cases and force all hospitals to allow vbacs, but these surgeries exist for a reason…sometimes they are 100% necessary to save the mom and baby, such as my case.

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