8 Things Moms of Twins Need to Know

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Expecting a baby is an exciting time, and expecting two babies is even more exciting. It’s also terrifying, both financially and emotionally. If you’ve been thrust into the world of being a twin-mom, there are a few things you need to hear. Who knows, some of this advice might actually be useful.

1.) It’s going to be hard, but you’ll make it. Really hard. Pregnancy will be your first challenge. You’ll get bigger faster and the nausea might be worse. After all, you have 2 little womb piggies in there demanding french fries in buffalo sauce and jacking up your system with their HCG.

2.) Things will get easier. Once those babies are born, you’ll experience a few moments of peace while they both sleep and you’ll think, “Nailed it”. Then one will wake up with a poopy diaper and scream until the other joins in the chorus.


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