7 Lovely Breastfeeding Photos Not Overexposed

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It was a historic moment when Virginia passed its news breaking legislative bill on public breastfeeding last month. See our story, Breastfeeding in Public to be Protected in VA published last week. So, in keeping with that occasion, Huffington Post published a marvelous article commemorating the event.

Our article borrows highlights from the original, with a twist, to keep it fresh, unique and inspiring. As so aptly stated by our source, “breasts for breastfeeding is normal…”

Here are 7 photos that demonstrate just how beautiful, and normal, breasts are for nurturing children:

1. Molly Shalz

Photo & related story is by HuffPost blogger Molly Shalz, pictured above. Molly is a 30-something mama to three sweet kids. She began blogging in 2006 and over the years gained a loyal following.

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57 Comments to 7 Lovely Breastfeeding Photos Not Overexposed

  1. I find that very hard to believe considering that out of all the breastfeeding groups I belong to and the dozens of pictures I see get reported every day, I know of only one that FB actually removed. And they apologized for that when it was brought to heir attention. So if they did in fact remove your post please seek an explanation as to why and who exactly removed it. That is an issue that should immediately be taken care of by Facebook. You were wronged and Facebook will make it rright.

  2. Kirstie Sanders I think we’re talking ‘apples’ vs. ‘oranges’ here a little. When you belong to a breastfeeding group, it’s anticipated and expected to see certain BF photos. When I’m advertising a Post with a BF image, it’s being sent out to the general public who, unfortunately, many could find it objectionable. So, with advertising it comes down to FB wanting to give a broader and more general audience a “good experience”. I hope that makes sense an clarifies why what is acceptable in a Group may not be acceptable in an Ad.

  3. Sorry, don’t have it. Just tons of FB marketing training, webinars, and so on. Here’s a snapshot of someone asking for clarification on the matter (very related) in the FB forum, over a year ago, and it was never responded to. Like I said, enforcement is inconsistent. My Page & Site are primarily on Parenting, and breastfeeding is a small subset of the interests and topics that are discussed. It’s not always prudent for an advertiser to spend time getting one photo approved, when, as in the case of this post, subs$#%&!@*uting a photo resulted in an approval.

  4. I didn’t realize you had different guidelines. May I ask the exact wording of FB’s policy for your posting such pictures? I happen to feel that you are blaming this all on FB when it appears to be a more personal preference instead. The groups I go to mainly lean towards being discriminated against and support for those who have not received it. So the majority of the stories are from people sharing stories on personal public pages and FB has always been very accomodating of putting pictures back up very quickly after they have been reported…without needing any intervention. And I have also seen multiple adds on public sites that just show up in my newsfeed as suggested posts for me that show breastfeeding pictures as adverti$#%&!@*ts for other parenting groups or products that show pictures that could possilbly be described and exposing quite a bit. I think you could understand my confusion, and others, at why you in particular are required to meet different standards to give others a so-called “good experience”?

  5. This policy was recently revised and clarified. So that is why it is now all approved. If yours wasn’t approved, then it would be in the best interest of the breastfeeding community to confront FB on why they would remove or not allow your post as this goes directly against their Terms and Policies.

  6. If I remember correctly and that is the same company I am thinking of that was a big part of the movement to get FB to better clarify their policies and strive for consistent enforcement of their rules. I had seen that exact story pop up multiple times in different groups and it had a lot of support behind them.

  7. Kirstie Sanders I see your point and I am promoting BF where and when I can. I’m also attempting to be a wise steward of my time. So, sometimes it’s easier to modify wording or swap out an image for getting an ad approved verses pressing them on the point. But, your point is well made. Thanks.

  8. Kristie do you think Facebook really cares and do you really expect them to follow through with their own rules. Just like corrupt law, they do what they want when they want. It’s rules for US to follow not them.

  9. I prefer to cover up because I myself don’t like the feeling of being exposed. It is my personal choice and I never get confronted so it’s a win win for me. I’m not ashamed of breastfeeding I just like keeping myself private because that’s who I am.

  10. That’s me too! I’ve started doing the tank top under shirt I can lift my shirt to cover my $#%&!@* and my belly doesn’t show. It’s for my own comfort and my husbands. That being said. Neither him or I see not cover breastfeeding wrong. Everyone can feed their child as they please. I’ve never gotten bashed for it so I’m happy to feed my baby the way I do.

  11. For example, if I take a picture where my son is latched onto my left breast and my right breast is bare and exposed, it falls within guidelines and is ALLOWED on Facebook. #freethedamnnipplealready

  12. I am disgusted with this backhanded “support.” This page has done its part to help erase progress and perpetuate ignorant ideas, and it should be ashamed. I will speak out against this page to all my breastfeeding communities.

  13. It’s HOT as F*ck in Hawaii, most babies are running around in just diapers including newborns cause it’s that hot here. So we do what makes us and our kids comfortable. Besides it’s legal to walk around with exposed $#%&!@*s. It isn’t considered genitalia. #thankgodIlivehawaiinei

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