6 Ways Kids Benefit From Doing Chores

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You’ve probably heard about the parents that create chore charts and tape them to the fridge for their kids to follow, or maybe you’re that parent. You start out with the best of intentions and patiently explain to your kids how to do their chores. Then reality hits and you realize that a 6 year old just isn’t going to do that great of a job at cleaning the living room as you had hoped. Instead of feeling disappointed, take a minute to appreciate what your child is learning from the experience. There are tons of ways that doing chores is actually more beneficial to the child than the household. Here’s 6 examples:

1.) They function better as adults. There have been actual studies that have linked success later in life with doing chores early on. Apparently, picking up toys, cleaning counters and taking out the trash build confidence. So, hand your 5-year old a toilet brush and tell them you’re doing this for them.


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