5 Ways to Beat Summer Boredom (That Let You Stay Home)

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School’s out for the summer and you’re suddenly left with a herd of very loud, very bored offspring. What’s a mom to do? You could load up the minivan and head to the zoo, but the idea of trekking off into the wild with your herd on your own gives you anxiety. Plus, the toddler isn’t wearing pants, you ran out of bread for “picnic food” 2 days ago and there just isn’t enough Xanax in the world to make that excursion happen.

If you’re the type of mom that avoids leaving the house in the summer at all costs, these 5 ways to beat summer boredom will be right up your alley… er, hallway?

1.) Go outside. There’s this magical place called “outside” and it will entertain your children for hours on end. You might have heard about it on the news, where it gets a bad rap as being a place full of kidnappers, Ebola and gangs, but it’s actually not that bad. Head out into your backyard with just 1 rule: No coming in for at least an hour. Have to pee? Use the bushes. Your kids will love the excitement of their new “adventure” and they might even use that expensive swing set you had installed while you were pregnant.


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