5 Things Dads Should Avoid Saying To New Mothers

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Alright, I've been there with the worst of them; insensitive, not thinking, and sometimes just downright stupid… I not talking about a sitcom or HBO special. I'm talking about the dumb things that can come out of a husband's mouth days, mind you, days after new mommy and baby come home from the hospital. How soon we forget the trauma and ordeal they went through. How quick to, ‘open mouth and insert foot'

What Not Say #1: “Can’t You Stop That Baby Crying? What she’ll likely be thinking: Can’t you? This is your baby too. Why don’t you offer to help out and soothe the crying if it’s so bloody easy? I’m not leaving her to cry because I love hearing the sound of that screechy newborn cry. I’m not a sadistic mother, I’m trying my best here.


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