5 Interesting Things To Know About Formula Feeding

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Choosing to formula feed your baby is more involved than simply picking a canister off the shelf and mixing up a bottle. Formula fed babies are different in terms of how much they poop, how much they eat and more. Regardless of whether you choose to breastfeed or formula feed, these 5 interesting things about formula feeding are a must-read for any new mom.

1.) Formula Changes Your Baby’s Poop

What goes into the baby affects what comes out of him, so it makes sense that formula poop is different than breast milk poop. This can be a shocking discovery to some parents, particularly those that switch to formula after exclusively breastfeeding their little one.

“Our baby went to formula at 5 weeks, and there was a drastic change in her poop,” says one mom. ” The smell, texture, consistency, amount, color, and frequency all changed!”

The reason behind the change has to do with the flora of the baby’s intestinal tract. The ingredients in formula and breast milk are different and the way the bacteria in the body breaks each down is also different, causing changes to the poop. [READ MORE…]

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