4 Reasons You Should Choose a Common Name for Your Baby

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A person’s name says a lot about them. Even though they didn’t pick it for themselves, it seems like there are certain defining characteristics that come with certain names. When parents choose a name for their child, they’re almost deciding on that child’s destiny. When they choose an uncommon (read as: made up) name for their child, they’re basically putting a target on the kid’s back and positioning them to be the odd man out for their entire life. If you’re considering an uncommon name for your baby, take a look at these 4 reasons why you may want to go with a more traditional name instead.

1.) Pronunciation. Unless you want your child to have to correct everyone they ever meet in their entire lives on the correct pronunciation of their name, you may want to settle on a more common moniker. If you’re thinking about choosing a common name, but giving it a creative spelling, don’t. Just don’t. It will be a nightmare for your child when they get older.


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19 Comments to 4 Reasons You Should Choose a Common Name for Your Baby

  1. Really? This is stupid! Having a unique myself, it’s not that bad. My name is Ashsa (ash-uh) yes, I may have to pronounce it, but that leaves open opportunity for that person to comment how unique and nice my name is (95% of the time they do) that being said, I named my daughter Annaleigha (an-na-lee-uh) still very much unique, but with a sort of modern twist. NOTHING WRONG WITH UNIQUE!!

  2. I gave my children uncommon names but they are very strong names with deep meaning and they convey that I’ve given it a lot of thought. So what if people who have never met my children mispronounce their names, correct them and move on. The names sound beautiful and it makes my children stand out in a crowd of kids with common names. My kids are more likely to be remembered BECAUSE their names are so unique. This can give them an edge when being selected for colleges, internships, and careers. If the big boss remembers them because the name stood out to them, that is a huge advantage, dontcha think?

  3. I love having a unique name.. I mean, sure, people mispronounce it and can’t spell it sometimes but at the end of the day, when someone yells my name, I know they are talking to me.

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