2 for 1 Special in the Operating Room

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Pregnancy causes so many changes in a woman’s body. There tends to be things which change never again to return to their former appearance. This can be very frustrating for a woman. This frustration is leading to a rise in interest in what is being called the “Victoria’s Secret C-Section.”

newbornBasically, women who are delivering via C-section are opting for 2 surgeries on a single day. First, they deliver their newest addition to the family. Then, since they are open anyway, they have a tummy tuck done as well. “The allure of emerging from the hospital with a baby and a flat stomach is tantalizing to be sure.”

But, do not be misled, this is no minor secondary surgery.  [READ MORE]…

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Christi Kopp

I am a stay at home married mom of 6. I have 4 girls and 2 boys. My oldest is 10 and the youngest is 2. I also home school this big crew so it is always crazy around here but I wouldn't have it any other way!

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  1. Will I had that with my son he is 6year old but he will be 7and may/18/08 I had a c- section with hem and I get pregnant the 2 time I had natural but not c -section I did know why but my daughter she come out like sponge but the doctor told as call up our family she wouldn’t make it through the night . But she is good and heath now she is 4year old now . But I hop you had a good boys .good luck on that

  2. I never had a c section. All 3 of mine were natural, but they destroyed my stomach for life. All the hard work in the world will never make it flat. I was huge with all 3 pregnancies and everyone always thought I was going to have twins. The position of my uterus just made my baby bump stick out more. Anyway, bigger belly, more stretched skin. Plus I carried very low with the last 2 and now I’m sure that my lower stomach muscles don’t even exist anymore. I couldn’t do sit ups or other lower tummy exercises if my life depended on it. My belly button is half inny half outty too and to be quite honest, after dropping all my pregnancy weight plus some extra, my belly just looks like a sunken in cake at the bottom where it meets the mommy pouch. Do I hate it? Yeah a little. But I’ve come to terms with the fact that it will never go away no matter what I do, and I’m fine with that. I’d rather have the pouch that shows I had beautiful children rather than pay hundreds or thousands for a doctor to fix it

  3. I don’t see how it’s selfish. I had a mini tuck and held my daughter and my husband held her right by me while they worked on me. I workout 6 days a week as well. Not lazy. Not selfish.

  4. For a good breastfeeding relationship, it is imperative that the baby is skin to skin and latches on asap. A lot of women who go hours after birth without holding their baby or breastfeeding end up having issues with breastfeeding. Idk how this procedure could be done where that bond can begin simultaneously.

  5. I think opting on a c-section is not healthy. It dangerous to begin with even for some one who actually need it. Let alone someone who opts on one. And adding a tummy tuck? I’m not against it but why not schedule it for later after a vaginal delivery?

  6. I can’t read the article but judging by the comments these women must be having a c-section and tummy tucks. I’m calling shenanigans. Your OB is not a plastic surgeon. They can’t do things like that. I’ve had 4 c-sections. After my third I was left with a really bad scar and what my doc did was cut out that scar and moved it up a little. Not a full blown tummy tuck, just a scar restoration. You can’t even see my scar now and, yeah, I’m flatter there but it’s not a tummy tuck at all. I think that’s what this article is referring to.

  7. On my 4th c section I asked my dr about it out of curiosity. She said she wouldn’t recommend it anyway because of the swelling and fluid shifts in your body you don’t get the best results

  8. I personally feel that for some women this would be an awesome idea. I work in mental health and see so many women who have a baby and even though they love their child and are happy that they got pregnant it can be very hard emotionaly for some women to accept that their body has changed. Even with working hard some womens bodies never go back to the way they were before. For most women when you’re happy with yourself you’re going to be in a lot better position emotionally and mentally to be able to raise your children right and not have difficulty with things such as post partum depression. For some women yes this might be there lazy way of getting rid of the weight but for others something like this could be the best thing that they could do for themselves to get themselves ready to be a good parent. If you’re miserable with yourself for whatever reason it can affect your children greatly.

  9. Some people aren’t able to lose their tummy without surgery. However, that isn’t the case with everyone. I had a C-section and I don’t have a pooch at all. A healthy balanced diet and regular exercise worked for me. As with anyone going under the knife, make sure to do your research! Be educated and ask lots of questions!

  10. Why not wait to see if you can naturally get ur tummy back in shape. I’ve had a c section and will probably have another in less than a month but I would never consider this even tho I hate the way my belly looks now after the first one

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